Recent weather (two weeks of constant spring rain) provided perfect incentive to paint green for a Daily Paintworks Green Challenge.

5x7 oil on linen


The Red

Week 15 of Thursday Morning Painters.  S. chose the photo.

8x10 oil on linen




30x24 oil on linen 



This is week 11, 12 and 14.  My photo pick.  Week 11 and 12 were scrubs.  I guess scrubs are part of the fun?  They did leave a very nice caramel colored canvas to put week 14 on.

10x8 oil on linen


California Coast

This painting happened on week 13 of Thursday Morning Painters.  It was S's photo pick and I thoroughly enjoyed the work.

8x10 oil on canvas


Beach Ball

I am realizing again how much I love painting.  Lots.  But too much time is wasted trying to figure out what to paint.  Painting with my neighbor has helped speed up seeing more when I think I see nothing, so there is hope.  I told my husband I wish someone would just hand me photos and say paint . . . and he obliged.  A fun painting. 

9x12 oil on canvas


Botanic Gardens

Week ten and my photo pick.  I wondered as I was painting how many times this little building has been photographed or painted.

8x10 oil on canvas



Week 9 of Thursday Morning Painters and S. chose the photo.

8x10 oil on canvas


Garden Bench

My photo pick for week 8.  The photo was taken at the botanic gardens. 

8x10 oil on canvas


The Kiss

This was week seven of Thursday Morning Painters.  S. chose the photo.  It was very different for me but great fun to try.

8x10 oil on canvas


The Gardener

Week six of Thursday Morning Painters and it was my turn to chose the photo.  It was taken at our local botanic gardens.

8x10 oil on canvas



S. chose the photo for week 5 of Thursday Morning Painters.  Might of been my first cow ever.

9x12 oil on board



This isn't a Thursday painting.  It is from a photo taken somewhere at sometime of some flower that I thought I would like to paint someday.  I am glad to be painting again 

9x12 oil

Spring's Robin

On week four of Thursday Morning Painters it was my turn to chose the photo.  I had been hoping to see a Robin soon.  We needed signs of spring.  The two hours of painting felt good.

8x10 oil on canvas



Week three of Thursday Morning Painters.  S. chose this photo taken was while she and her husband were on vacation in Hawaii.

9x12 oil



This little painting found its home in my kitchen.

8x8 oil


Week 2

This was painted from a photo taken in my yard.  Painting felt a bit more natural this week.

8x10 oil


1205 Days

That is 3 years 3 months and 19 days since I last posted.

Painting was residing on my back burner but it is out front again thanks to a friend and neighbor.  We are painting together on Thursday mornings.  We alternate choosing a photo to paint from and we limit our work to two hours.  Having someone push you and being able to push back is wonderful!

Here is week one.  My friend S. chose the photo for the week.  I was brush rusty and picked up the pallet knife.

Over the next weekend I painted from the photo again this time with a brush.

8x10 oil on canvas