Time Flies

. . . when you are having fun. I do have a painting on the easel that needs finishing but most of my time has been spent having other kinds of fun. We had a huge tree removed and that left me with wonderful space for a perennial garden. After lots of digging and planting I moved on to a project that called up my past art life.

Before painting I did stone mosaic work. Frank Seckler Sr. built table frames for me and I designed the tops. I also did stone work on large pots. My tables and pots are in quite a few homes.

I got my stone tools out again and did a back splash in my son and daughter-in-law's kitchen.

Everybody layed a bit of tile and did a little grouting. About 27 feet in all.

From here we moved on to a mantle type coat rack for their front hallway. They are getting their house in order in anticipation of the birth of a son the first part of December. It was nice to see my husband and son building together. I felt like the kids on the sidelines of a tennis match. Waiting silently to get what ever was needed.

Next I am moving on to crib bedding and curtains. Then back to painting. I have been thinking a lot about painting and it will be interesting to see if I go about it differently after my long break.

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Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Sheryl, you do absolutely beautiful mosaic work. A woman of many artistic talents.