El Farolito

We just returned from a wonderful week in Taos and Santa Fe. In Santa Fe we stayed at a perfect bed and breakfast. The young innkeeper, Mark Frossard, let us look at some of his work. Basically we looked at art, ate, looked and ate some more. My husband did his homework before the trip so the number of galleries we sought out first (there are something like 300 of them in the area) had been knocked down enough that we were able to see the work of quite a few artists we admire. The big bonus was meeting Kevin Bielfuss and David Leffel in a gallery in Taos. In Santa Fe we went twice to see the work of Adrian Gottlieb, Scott Burdick and Sue Lyons.

Until five years ago Taos and Santa Fe were an annual trek for us so we were anxious to see any change. The towns are still pretty much the same. The good restaurants are still there. One change we saw was a much wider variety of art. The biggest change though was in us. We weren't painters until recently and once you paint your appreciations change.

Gallery owners all said that the market has been terrible the last few years and the only galleries hanging on are the ones that had already established themselves with bronze sculpture along with paintings. There are some amazing bronze pieces at the moment.

We came home with many many photos, bigger bellies and inspiration. Fun trip.

6x6 oil on linen

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