The Old Mill by Jean's House

I took another shoe break to paint for a Daily Paintworks Challenge created by Jean Nelson. I think I need lots and lots of landscape practice.

10x8 oil on linen.

LK Shoes

Only one more pair to paint.

6X6 oil on linen


Reflecting on Reflections

I took a break from shoes to do a Daily Paintworks challenge project. The task was to paint from an upside down photo reference. I was quite surprised when I decided I was finished and turned the painting over. The only thing I tweeked was shadow color. This painting was just plain fun.

8x10 oil on linen

Rain Boots

6x6 oil on linen


White Sandals

6x6 oil on linen


Sparkle Tennis Shoes

I didn't quite get the glitz on these. My husband thinks the idea is there. I'm not sure, but I am moving on to white sandals.

6x6 oil on linen


Pink Shoes

Four of the twelve shoe paintings done. I am thinking that I should put a photo of them being worn in the back of each painting.

6x6 oil on linen

Giving and Receiving Shoes

These are special shoes. I hope I have caught them.

6x6 oil on linen


Red Shoes

My daughter gave me a bag of shoes and said that if the shoes became paintings maybe she could give the bag up. This is the second pair of twelve. The painting is bordering on being overworked and may end up in the scrap pile. Next pair I am going to take more time with lighting and set up. Fun project though!

6x6 oil on linen


Baby Shoes

The yard is under control. Whew. Now there is time for a fun shoe project.

6x6 oil on linen