Waiting for Recital

This is my youngest granddaughter. She was waiting her turn for recital photos. We doubt she will dance in the recital because she freezes when anyone new watches her. She says she freezes because she gets ne-ves.

9 x 12 oil on linen


Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Hi Sheryl, I really like this painting of your grandchild. You've captured the sweetness in her face, with just a trace of apprehension. I like the yin and yang of the background - it speaks of her mixed feelings about the recital. I wouldn't change a thing, (but I am no expert that is why I didn't post these comments on DPW). I love it. You did a beautiful job.

Sheryl said...

Thanks Jean! I did repaint it and I will post it when I get my camera that I loaned out for a few days back. Let me know if I totally lost the Yin and Yang because it important. I don't comment much anywhere because I know so little.

Sheryl said...

how about it "is" important.