Peanut Butter and Jelly

8 x 10 oil on board


First Position

This one was mostly finished before the stone and sewing break.

9x12 oil on canvas


Time Flies

. . . when you are having fun. I do have a painting on the easel that needs finishing but most of my time has been spent having other kinds of fun. We had a huge tree removed and that left me with wonderful space for a perennial garden. After lots of digging and planting I moved on to a project that called up my past art life.

Before painting I did stone mosaic work. Frank Seckler Sr. built table frames for me and I designed the tops. I also did stone work on large pots. My tables and pots are in quite a few homes.

I got my stone tools out again and did a back splash in my son and daughter-in-law's kitchen.

Everybody layed a bit of tile and did a little grouting. About 27 feet in all.

From here we moved on to a mantle type coat rack for their front hallway. They are getting their house in order in anticipation of the birth of a son the first part of December. It was nice to see my husband and son building together. I felt like the kids on the sidelines of a tennis match. Waiting silently to get what ever was needed.

Next I am moving on to crib bedding and curtains. Then back to painting. I have been thinking a lot about painting and it will be interesting to see if I go about it differently after my long break.


A Few Minutes

Painted for a Daily Paintworks Challenge.

6x6 oil on stretched linen



This was painted from a photo I took on July 4, 2011.

11x14 oil on stretched linen



One Two Three

6x6 oil on linen


Monday Reflections

This was painted for another Daily Paintworks challenge.

6x6 oil on linen


Santa Fe

I painted this for a Daily Paintworks challenge that had to do with painting while listening to music. Here is the blurb I put on DPW:

This was painted to Ruben Romero’s album Romanza. in honor of Santa Fe. NM where the photo was taken. The photo happened when my husband stopped outside a coffee shop to listen to street musicians doing decent blues riffs. As we listened I saw the man inside the coffee shop reading Duke Ellington music notation. Snapping away I couldn’t keep the photo from being mostly reflection of me snapping away to the beat of my own art song. And I agree, this is a strange painting but it was lots of fun.

11x14 oil on linen


El Farolito

We just returned from a wonderful week in Taos and Santa Fe. In Santa Fe we stayed at a perfect bed and breakfast. The young innkeeper, Mark Frossard, let us look at some of his work. Basically we looked at art, ate, looked and ate some more. My husband did his homework before the trip so the number of galleries we sought out first (there are something like 300 of them in the area) had been knocked down enough that we were able to see the work of quite a few artists we admire. The big bonus was meeting Kevin Bielfuss and David Leffel in a gallery in Taos. In Santa Fe we went twice to see the work of Adrian Gottlieb, Scott Burdick and Sue Lyons.

Until five years ago Taos and Santa Fe were an annual trek for us so we were anxious to see any change. The towns are still pretty much the same. The good restaurants are still there. One change we saw was a much wider variety of art. The biggest change though was in us. We weren't painters until recently and once you paint your appreciations change.

Gallery owners all said that the market has been terrible the last few years and the only galleries hanging on are the ones that had already established themselves with bronze sculpture along with paintings. There are some amazing bronze pieces at the moment.

We came home with many many photos, bigger bellies and inspiration. Fun trip.

6x6 oil on linen


The Old Mill by Jean's House

I took another shoe break to paint for a Daily Paintworks Challenge created by Jean Nelson. I think I need lots and lots of landscape practice.

10x8 oil on linen.

LK Shoes

Only one more pair to paint.

6X6 oil on linen


Reflecting on Reflections

I took a break from shoes to do a Daily Paintworks challenge project. The task was to paint from an upside down photo reference. I was quite surprised when I decided I was finished and turned the painting over. The only thing I tweeked was shadow color. This painting was just plain fun.

8x10 oil on linen

Rain Boots

6x6 oil on linen


White Sandals

6x6 oil on linen


Sparkle Tennis Shoes

I didn't quite get the glitz on these. My husband thinks the idea is there. I'm not sure, but I am moving on to white sandals.

6x6 oil on linen


Pink Shoes

Four of the twelve shoe paintings done. I am thinking that I should put a photo of them being worn in the back of each painting.

6x6 oil on linen

Giving and Receiving Shoes

These are special shoes. I hope I have caught them.

6x6 oil on linen


Red Shoes

My daughter gave me a bag of shoes and said that if the shoes became paintings maybe she could give the bag up. This is the second pair of twelve. The painting is bordering on being overworked and may end up in the scrap pile. Next pair I am going to take more time with lighting and set up. Fun project though!

6x6 oil on linen


Baby Shoes

The yard is under control. Whew. Now there is time for a fun shoe project.

6x6 oil on linen


The Critique

I decided to take a leap out of my comfort zone and submit “Waiting for Recital” to the Daily Paintworks Critique Me challenge.

The comments made me think, and motivated me to rework the painting. Here’s the new version:


Waiting for Recital

This is my youngest granddaughter. She was waiting her turn for recital photos. We doubt she will dance in the recital because she freezes when anyone new watches her. She says she freezes because she gets ne-ves.

9 x 12 oil on linen


sur la plage

Painted for the Virtual Paintout. The location for May was the French Riviera. I couldn't submit it to the Virtual Paintout because the link to the location I sent myself just shows my screenshot momentarily and then links to somewhere in central France. Bummer.

Update: I managed to find the spot I painted and submitted to VP. Next time I think I will check the links as I send them to myself. Sheesh.

14x11 oil on canvas


I haven't painted in a while so I decided to start again with challenges. This is for a DPW paint a vegetable challenge.

6x6 oil on canvas



Oh do I love eating these little mandarin oranges. They were also painted one color per stroke.

6x6 oil on canvas

Stroking Apple

I painted this in the spirit of the DPW one color per stroke challenge.

6x6 oil on canvas


Sharing the Window

16 x 20 oil on canvas


20 x 16 oil on canvas