The past week I have been challenge happy. These great challenges gave me an opportunity to just paint and not think about what to paint. This one was painted for the Studio Atelier November challenge. This is my first Studio Atelier painting. The challenge photo was entitled Apple Harvest.

16 x 8 oil on canvas

There probably won’t be time for more painting until after Thanksgiving.

A very happy and renewing Thanksgiving to all!


Nancie Johnson said...

I love your color palette on this, such soft & muted colors. Sort of old world. You're spot on with the reflections - good work!

Sheryl said...

Nancie, Thank you for the kind comment. My only palette so far is a very limited primary palette.

yasha said...

Lovely work Sheryl!I really liked this work of yours.Loved the tender looking leaves.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I just commented on your rose painting in the 'Paint and Draw' challege, then wanted to hop over to your blog to see more of your work. I really like your soft style, and these apples are positively wonderful!