The past week I have been challenge happy. These great challenges gave me an opportunity to just paint and not think about what to paint. This one was painted for the Studio Atelier November challenge. This is my first Studio Atelier painting. The challenge photo was entitled Apple Harvest.

16 x 8 oil on canvas

There probably won’t be time for more painting until after Thanksgiving.

A very happy and renewing Thanksgiving to all!


The Party

This was painted for the Calypso Moon Artist Movement. The title of the challenge was Painting History. It is my first time to participate in this challenge.

The girls in the painting are my granddaughters. They had just been dressed for a party. They weren’t posed but may have just felt special enough to stand still for a minute. When the small one saw a phone photo of the painting she said “oh that’s my big girl hair and that’s Pie telling to me.” I don’t know if I met all of the challenge guidelines but I enjoyed the painting experience.

11 x 14 oil on canvas



Painter for Rookie Painter. If I painted it again I would put biscuits in it.

6 x 6 oil on canvas



This was painted for Paint and Draw Together. It is my first time participating in this challenge. Working on this painting was enjoyable.

12 x 6 oil on linen board


Rio de Janeiro

Painted for the November Virtual Paintout. The paintout location was Rio de Janeiro.

9 x 12 oil on linen