Mr. and Mrs. Bear

6x6 oil on canvas


6x6 oil on canvas

Remaining Calm

810x8 oil on canvas


12x6 oil on canvas board


August Virtual Paintout

Painted for Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout from a google map photo taken on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I did way too much driving around with the little yellow guy this month.


Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout for the month of August took place on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Long, lonely roads. Landscape painting is over my head so this one didn't get submitted to the paintout.

10x8 oil on canvas board


I might like to eat them more than paint them.

6x6 oil on canvas


We Three Kings

After using these apples several times for painting I turned them into pie.

10x8 oil on board


My mother in law had a fur coat she loved that started falling apart. I took it and turned it into Eloise. Eloise sat on mom's headboard. Now she sits in a chair in my sewing room.

6x6 oil on canvas

Apple Crisp

One more kitchen painting. I have been missing them.

8x8 oil on canvas


Reading Material

6x6 oil on canvas


Rookie Paintout

This was painted for the July Rookie Paintout. It was a wonderful exercise, but for me, not an easy one. Pink is a hard color and brushstrokes were important. I enjoyed working on the painting (probably not long enough though) and learned from the experience.

6x8 oil on canvas

Hmm... Cranberry Scones?

This was fun to paint.

8x10 oil on canvas