Not Vegetables

This is the last kitchen project painting. I have eighteen in all. Six are completely finished and the rest are drying. Drying faster would be nice. I will be glad to get them delivered.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold


Looking over the kitchen project paintings I thought I needed to add something from the vegetable category.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold

Almost Cookies

This one looks almost like a cookie ingredient family portrait.

10x8 oil on canvas - sold

Soy Pot

I loved the way the rice noodles and soy pot looked together.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold


Flower Market

This was painted for Bill Guffey's July Virtual Paintout. The location this month was Hong Kong. It was great fun looking around for something to paint!

I use water based oils and tried my same pallet with a new brand of paint called Cobra on this painting. So far I like Cobra better than my old Duo and Newton Windsor paints.

8x10 oil on canvas

Green Beans

The kitchen paintings are speeding along. I think I only need three or four more. They all need to be 8 inches in height with 4 inches between to cover about 16 feet. I need to look the collection over and see colors or subjects that might be missing.

8x8 oil on canvas - sold

Dill and Dog

Maybe someone is going to make relish with the dills.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold

Condiments and Basil

This was fun to paint. My last trip to the grocery I noticed that I was more attracted to things I could paint than what we might need to eat.

8x10 oil on canvas - sold


I think every kitchen needs a sunflower.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold


Cookies and Milk

The cookies are oat crumb and they are delicious. Just the right balance of sweet and salty.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold


Two Buck Chuck

Our son and daughter-in-law brought us some Charles Shaw wine from California. I wish they sold it in Colorado. Wine counts as a kitchen painting right?

8x8 oil on canvas - sold



Tomatoes is the title. I could have called it a something else considering that the three tomatoes might be screaming "jump!" or "get out of the bowl!" to the fourth. But Tomatoes will do. I have about 10 paintings to go on the kitchen project.

8x8 oil on canvas - sold