The kitchen paintings are coming along. I think this one is nicer in person than in a photo. It has a very soft quality that I was happy with.

8x8 oil on canvas - sold


Apple in a Box

I am back to kitchen art. I need about twenty little paintings for a project.

6x6 oil on canvas



This is stuff from a bookshelf and a flower from the garden.

6x6 oil on canvas


The Aquarium

I painted this with a challenge in mind but I lost the link. It had to do with painting darkness, or out of darkness.

6x8 oil on canvas



Painted for the June Virtual Paintout. The google location for the month was Hawaii. I enjoyed looking around and painting.

16x8 oil on canvas


brding 81. c u soon.

This was painted for the A Day Not Wasted June challenge. The challenge photo was terrific quality with a wonderful SFO red trolley car and lots of other interesting stuff. But the first thing I zeroed in on when I looked was what I thought was a woman texting, and that is what I decided to paint. I wasted tons of good stuff with my cropping - probably because I have had gestures on the brain recently.

P.S. I went to look at my little painting on ADNW and I had to laugh. I think I may be marching to the beat of a strange drummer :)

P.P.S. I wish I marched to the other drummer. The other paintings at ADNW are good! Go Look. Now.

6x6 oil on canvas

Secret Garden

This was painted from a stock photo. I wish this garden gate was mine.

6x6 oil on canvas


Little Birds

This was painted from a Rookie Painter reference image.

I painted the little birds twice. On this one I gave them a different color and a windowsill to sit on. It was a challenge to keep the birds ceramic and their beaks sitting right.

Birds 1 - 6x6 oil on canvas - sold
Birds 2 - 12x12 oil on canvas - sold