South Bohemia, Czech Republic

I painted this for Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout. The idea is to use Google street map, snatch a screen shot and use it for a painting. Bill selected the Czech Republic as the location for May. I actually combined two views of the ice cream shop for the painting. I love looking at all of the great paintings and drawings at Virtual Paintout. I am anxious to "travel" again in June.

6x8 oil on canvas

Ladies Waiting

I think they were waiting for their mom to hurry and take their picture.

I haven't posted in a while so three today (I finally took the time to get the camera out). I enjoyed painting this one.

8x16 oil on canvas

Pink Frosting

Painted from a photo. I have been thinking a lot about value and temperature. This was fun to paint!

8x10 oil on board


My goal on this painting was to capture the joy of running. I was happy with the way the hair and jeans turned out.

8X10 oil on board


Throwing Stones

This is from a photo I took a couple of summers ago. Likeness took a backseat to some other things I am trying to work on.


Spring Roll Lesson

Besides enjoying painting, I now can make a spring roll.

8x10 oil on board



I painted, then planted them.

8x10 oil on board


Spring Pruning

This is my neighbor pruning her grape vines. We haven't had a lot of spring yet but this was one of the good days and she was taking advantage.

8x8 oil on wide wrap canvas