This was painted for a Studio Atelier challenge.

11 x 14 oil on canvas



9 x 12 oil on canvas

The holidays seem to be getting in the way of painting.



The past week I have been challenge happy. These great challenges gave me an opportunity to just paint and not think about what to paint. This one was painted for the Studio Atelier November challenge. This is my first Studio Atelier painting. The challenge photo was entitled Apple Harvest.

16 x 8 oil on canvas

There probably won’t be time for more painting until after Thanksgiving.

A very happy and renewing Thanksgiving to all!


The Party

This was painted for the Calypso Moon Artist Movement. The title of the challenge was Painting History. It is my first time to participate in this challenge.

The girls in the painting are my granddaughters. They had just been dressed for a party. They weren’t posed but may have just felt special enough to stand still for a minute. When the small one saw a phone photo of the painting she said “oh that’s my big girl hair and that’s Pie telling to me.” I don’t know if I met all of the challenge guidelines but I enjoyed the painting experience.

11 x 14 oil on canvas



Painter for Rookie Painter. If I painted it again I would put biscuits in it.

6 x 6 oil on canvas



This was painted for Paint and Draw Together. It is my first time participating in this challenge. Working on this painting was enjoyable.

12 x 6 oil on linen board


Rio de Janeiro

Painted for the November Virtual Paintout. The paintout location was Rio de Janeiro.

9 x 12 oil on linen


San Miguel de Allende

October Virtual Paintout - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

8x 10 oil on canvas


Painted for Rookie Painter

8x10 oil on canvas

I haven’t painted much in October. One week was spent getting ready to keep our granddaughters, aged 2 and 3, while our daughter and son-in-law took a much deserved vacation. I built a puppet stage, which was a hit, shopped for storybooks and made kid food. The next week the girls kept us on our toes. I had forgotten how much fun things like taking a flashlight into a dark closet or looking for Waldo can be. I had also forgotten how much energy it takes to be a full time mom to toddlers.

Sadly, the end of that week brought news that our son and daughter-in-law lost a second trimester baby, their first child, a cute baby girl. A couple of days of shock were followed by a couple days of cooking casseroles and then a day spent in a puddle of tears. It is hard to see your children in pain. It is also rewarding to see them bravely move forward in life better and stronger than you ever imagined. I have a great family.

Finally realizing October was almost over, I shook myself off, got the paintbrushes out and painted for Rookie Painter and Virtual Paintout in one afternoon. Therapy. After I make a tiny blanket to go into a memory box the plan is to get painting again – hopefully more and better.



Painted for Rookie Painter October challenge.

6x6 oil on canvas

I am in the midst of a painting drought. I thought I would take the afternoon and try to prime the pump with a challenge. After I finished I realized that today is the last day of this challenge. My painting ability may be lacking but my timing was good.


Highlands Cafe

This is my submission to The Virtual Paintout for September. The location is Manhattan, NY. I thoroughly enjoy the day I take each month to participate in The Virtual Paintout!

P.S. if you didn't already know, Bill Guffey, the originator of The Virtual Paintout was recently interviewed on the CBC show Connect with Mark Kelley.

10 x 8 oil on linen



September Rookie Painter

10 x 8 oil on canvas

Garage 2

12 x 12 oil on canvas

Garage 1

12 x 12 oil on canvas


Mr. and Mrs. Bear

6x6 oil on canvas


6x6 oil on canvas

Remaining Calm

810x8 oil on canvas


12x6 oil on canvas board


August Virtual Paintout

Painted for Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout from a google map photo taken on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I did way too much driving around with the little yellow guy this month.


Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout for the month of August took place on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Long, lonely roads. Landscape painting is over my head so this one didn't get submitted to the paintout.

10x8 oil on canvas board


I might like to eat them more than paint them.

6x6 oil on canvas


We Three Kings

After using these apples several times for painting I turned them into pie.

10x8 oil on board


My mother in law had a fur coat she loved that started falling apart. I took it and turned it into Eloise. Eloise sat on mom's headboard. Now she sits in a chair in my sewing room.

6x6 oil on canvas

Apple Crisp

One more kitchen painting. I have been missing them.

8x8 oil on canvas


Reading Material

6x6 oil on canvas


Rookie Paintout

This was painted for the July Rookie Paintout. It was a wonderful exercise, but for me, not an easy one. Pink is a hard color and brushstrokes were important. I enjoyed working on the painting (probably not long enough though) and learned from the experience.

6x8 oil on canvas

Hmm... Cranberry Scones?

This was fun to paint.

8x10 oil on canvas


Not Vegetables

This is the last kitchen project painting. I have eighteen in all. Six are completely finished and the rest are drying. Drying faster would be nice. I will be glad to get them delivered.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold


Looking over the kitchen project paintings I thought I needed to add something from the vegetable category.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold

Almost Cookies

This one looks almost like a cookie ingredient family portrait.

10x8 oil on canvas - sold

Soy Pot

I loved the way the rice noodles and soy pot looked together.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold


Flower Market

This was painted for Bill Guffey's July Virtual Paintout. The location this month was Hong Kong. It was great fun looking around for something to paint!

I use water based oils and tried my same pallet with a new brand of paint called Cobra on this painting. So far I like Cobra better than my old Duo and Newton Windsor paints.

8x10 oil on canvas

Green Beans

The kitchen paintings are speeding along. I think I only need three or four more. They all need to be 8 inches in height with 4 inches between to cover about 16 feet. I need to look the collection over and see colors or subjects that might be missing.

8x8 oil on canvas - sold

Dill and Dog

Maybe someone is going to make relish with the dills.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold

Condiments and Basil

This was fun to paint. My last trip to the grocery I noticed that I was more attracted to things I could paint than what we might need to eat.

8x10 oil on canvas - sold


I think every kitchen needs a sunflower.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold


Cookies and Milk

The cookies are oat crumb and they are delicious. Just the right balance of sweet and salty.

6x8 oil on canvas - sold


Two Buck Chuck

Our son and daughter-in-law brought us some Charles Shaw wine from California. I wish they sold it in Colorado. Wine counts as a kitchen painting right?

8x8 oil on canvas - sold



Tomatoes is the title. I could have called it a something else considering that the three tomatoes might be screaming "jump!" or "get out of the bowl!" to the fourth. But Tomatoes will do. I have about 10 paintings to go on the kitchen project.

8x8 oil on canvas - sold



The kitchen paintings are coming along. I think this one is nicer in person than in a photo. It has a very soft quality that I was happy with.

8x8 oil on canvas - sold


Apple in a Box

I am back to kitchen art. I need about twenty little paintings for a project.

6x6 oil on canvas



This is stuff from a bookshelf and a flower from the garden.

6x6 oil on canvas


The Aquarium

I painted this with a challenge in mind but I lost the link. It had to do with painting darkness, or out of darkness.

6x8 oil on canvas



Painted for the June Virtual Paintout. The google location for the month was Hawaii. I enjoyed looking around and painting.

16x8 oil on canvas


brding 81. c u soon.

This was painted for the A Day Not Wasted June challenge. The challenge photo was terrific quality with a wonderful SFO red trolley car and lots of other interesting stuff. But the first thing I zeroed in on when I looked was what I thought was a woman texting, and that is what I decided to paint. I wasted tons of good stuff with my cropping - probably because I have had gestures on the brain recently.

P.S. I went to look at my little painting on ADNW and I had to laugh. I think I may be marching to the beat of a strange drummer :)

P.P.S. I wish I marched to the other drummer. The other paintings at ADNW are good! Go Look. Now.

6x6 oil on canvas

Secret Garden

This was painted from a stock photo. I wish this garden gate was mine.

6x6 oil on canvas


Little Birds

This was painted from a Rookie Painter reference image.

I painted the little birds twice. On this one I gave them a different color and a windowsill to sit on. It was a challenge to keep the birds ceramic and their beaks sitting right.

Birds 1 - 6x6 oil on canvas - sold
Birds 2 - 12x12 oil on canvas - sold


South Bohemia, Czech Republic

I painted this for Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout. The idea is to use Google street map, snatch a screen shot and use it for a painting. Bill selected the Czech Republic as the location for May. I actually combined two views of the ice cream shop for the painting. I love looking at all of the great paintings and drawings at Virtual Paintout. I am anxious to "travel" again in June.

6x8 oil on canvas

Ladies Waiting

I think they were waiting for their mom to hurry and take their picture.

I haven't posted in a while so three today (I finally took the time to get the camera out). I enjoyed painting this one.

8x16 oil on canvas